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Yamaha Extended Service???

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My raptor's warranty is out at mid december and I got this letter today about the Y.E.S. warranty. Is the $878 bucks worth getting it???
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Maybe. It's a 50/50 chance of it being useful. Either your quad doesn't break and you wasted close to 900 bucks, or your quad has defects and it would have cost more to fix it so you saved yourself some cash.

But what are the chances something is going to break that is factory related and costs over 870 bucks?
Have you needed to rely on your warentee before? If not then its probably not worth it.
$878 dollars!?!? I think I paid 300 or 400 for my YES warranty.. yeesh, Car warranties are only 600-700 dollars... though if you buy a warranty through a dealership its $1500-2000, only cause its another way to make money on a person.. I do believe that is what your dealership is doin.
It is deffinatly worth it :tup: my dad had it for the grizzly, ever 20 miles he brought his grizzly in and they did a free tune up. then they have things like a special 300mi tune up, 500mi tune up, those all equal like $200 alone :scared:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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