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nice site to see!! lot of nice videos :tup: :tup:

only probleme it's in fench!!but that dosen't matter all you guay speak french :razz: joke!!! anyways have fun :))

-==sweet lou==-
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yea ive seen that site, the vids are cool.
Isnt sweet lou the guy from grind?
louie 660 are you sweet lou from the predatex 7 movie
yes i'm am!!!and my friend give me sweet lou like nick name because i always have i new gurl every week lol!!! i hope soo predatex7 movie wasn't to hard to understand :roll: tnx!!
predatex 7 was an awesome movie if they made more from the races it would be cool tyhere is only like a few shots of me in there and ones a slow motion corner shot on the yfz most of them are from raptor rider
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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