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My rear wheel is bent (didn't harm the axel but will look at it as well) and wobbles... I can only find stock wheels for $330 a piece! ouch! May be worth going with an aftermarket wheel?? I'm assuming I would want to stay away from an aluminum wheel for off roading through the woods (could be too light?).

The number marked on the tire side wall says 20x10R9
The number marked on the inside of the rim says 9x8.5AT

I purchased these from ebay (will paint them black) AMS Steel Replacement Wheel 0231-0005 | eBay
The specs on them say: 9x9 - 3+6 Offset - 4/115… Will those ebay wheels fit because they say 9x9 and my tire says 10R9....??

Now I’m all sorts of confused!


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