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will these tires fit a warrior?

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i need to know if these tires will fit my warrior with the offset. Heres the measurments- 10" diameter, 8" wide, 4 on 4" with a large bell, (for large brake drums). They have a 3"-5" offset. The 3" being the inside, and the 5" the outside. These are for sale on ebay and ive been wanting these tires for ever. They're Pure Sport Realators. if u guys could help me know if these rims will fit my warrior i would really appreciate it.

Heres the link to them
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I am pretty sure the hub pattern on the polairs is different than on the warrior because the warrior hub pattern is 4/115 and the Polaris is 4/4" so the rims won't bolt up you would have to dismount the tires and put them on some 10" rims with a 4/115 hub unless you have a honda rear hubs on your warrior then you would need 4/110
I know Polaris Scramblers have the same rear bolt circle the only thing is the lug studs are bigger. Call a Polaris dealer and see what the bolt circle of a Trail Boss is.
alright thanks guys, i really appreciate it :tup:
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