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who is king, Quad or ATC?

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I'd like to hear from everyone on their stance on the issue of which bike is better, Quad, or Atc?
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Atc as in 3-wheeler and quad as in Atv..?

Or do you mean the atc 250r or what?

If you mean 3 againts 4, they both have there advantages...
like who could beat who, who do you think, if you put up the best vs. the best on either side who would win. who is the real king of the trails and track. it's up for debate I suppose.
Atc's are lighter and faster with the same engine, and the 250R and 350x hondas along with some other bikes handle pretty well.

That said, the 4 wheeled versions of these machines easily make up for the extra weight with much better handling abilites. In just about every situation I can think of the handling of the 4 wheeled atv is going to be much better than its 3 wheeled counterpart.
Yeah your right, they both have there pro's and con's.
quads are defenitly better handling, but atc's are far more fun to ride. Also atc's are easier to manuaver around tight corners. Its all a matter of preference. Can't take sides I like riding both and dirtbikes, but I have 3 trikes compared to one quad and one dirtbike, I think that answers what I prefer to ride.

like stated its all on ability to ride and which u feel comfortable riding on, i love my atc's but will admitt i can ride faster on a quad (like around turns and whoops) then on my atc but if u respect ur atc u can hang with the best, i was all over a freind on a banshee with t5's out at glamis and he keep going and i keep up and had more then enough to go on.
Going thru a tight wooded trail, I would take my old Yamahauler 200 three wheeler over any four wheeler. It may not have the speed of some of the four wheelers, but it can out maneuver probably any four wheeler.

But like previously mentioned, they all have their pros and cons. I will never give up my three wheelers, nor will I give up my four wheeler.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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