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i am somewhat new to the quad world, right now im driving a '87 mojave that my cousin gave to me that he raced a little while, its pretty awsome. Btw if anyone knows where to get some swing arm bushings and a rear axle racing spocket please tell me, need some.
But anyways, to get to the main topic.
I am looking into yfz 450's they seem to be about the best thing i could get and the most fun thing for some of what i really like to do on a quad: drift, riding xc style, and just having fun. But i was wondering what the best 450 years are and what i should be aware of when looking for one. i might not be getting one until next summer or the summer after that, but i would like to know some stuff so i know what im doing when i really get serious about this.
I found a website that i really like, Quad Hunter - every used ATV for sale!, really sweet website, tells you were anyone is selling just about any quad so you can contact them and make a deal.
But anyways, yeah just if you own a yfz or know alot about them please tell me what i should look for and watch out for when i really get into the market, please and thanks.
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