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Tell me WHAT YOU think i can get for it.

1994 Jeep cherokee sport
Power locks
power windows
just rolled to 90k (really 90,120)
Minimal rust (2 quarter size marks on the roof and one drivers side...not real rust, but the paint bubble)

only 1 scratch in the paint

tires are decent

And its currently at a place getting looked at. Something with the tranny is wrong, or the torque converter. But it should be getting fixed under warranty.
Leaks no oil, leaks no antifreeze. Had a oil leak that leaked on the cat, caused the car to smoke. That was fixed. It was a hole in a oil return line.
New steering shaft 200 miles ago.
New brakes, rotors need turned but its getting done this week.(new pads+ glazed rotors= squeek :tdown: )

Oil just changed, antifreeze just flushed and green as can be.

SO really car needs nothing

Not advertising it...just asking what you think i can get.

I paied $3800 for it 3 months ago.

The oil leak was $150 to fix, the steering cloumn, and new o2 sensor (forgot to mention) was $300 inc install.
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