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tuning in a 2 stroke

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An indoor motocross track was recently built near me (very cool) but they require all 2 strokes to run smokeless oil at a minimum of 40:1 and prefer a 50:1. I've heard people say that you need to re-tune the bikes for this change in mixture. How would I go about "tuning" it in? Do they mean jetting? :wtf:
Would I go richer or leaner?
I'm clueless on this one.
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uhhh to run a two stroke without smoke is a very hard thing to do, find out what temperature the place runs at and then youd have to rejet it leaner (which isnt even good) and use 40:1 possibly 50:1, go down a main jet size, i think you want to move the clip on your needle down to the 4th from the top, and that will be running it leaner...try it out see what works if not post whats going on after this stuff...start ordering some more pistons while your at it, running lean takes away piston life pretty quickly
I hear ya' about piston life :scared: . This is a pampered, well cared for, and pimped 96yz250. I usually run Castor super M at 32:1, a little smokey (normal smokey) but I have NEVER had a problem with lubrication or running great for that matter. I'm going to try 40:1 first then see if I need to make any adjustments. This is a reputable place who has been around for years, they just recently built an indoor track. They say using Klotz smokeless or PJ1 smokeless at 40:1 or 50:1 works great and doesn't harm the engine. :roll:
I'll let you know how the 40:1 works.
Well guys I drained to old gas and added a half tank of PJ1 smokeless at 40:1. I don't think it changed anything.
The bike still runs great, it smells like olive oil or something, but no different in running. I have noticed if you keep the throttle open while the bike is sitting it still smokes just as much but doesn't produce as much sute or ash onto your hand like before.
Oh well, if it allows me to run indoors this winter I'll do it.
it still smokes alot aftr you have it warmed up, and the choke is off? usually when a bike is warmed up and you ride it around the amount of smoke visible is almost none, and thats how it should especially be with that type of oil and ratio, try warming it up, then riding it for a little while untill its warmed up and theres no hesitations or anything and see how much smoke appears then, should be almost none
My fault, I wasn't clear on my last reply, after it's warm and your riding, it does seem to be less smokey. However when it sitting in neutral and you rev the engine from idle, you still get the two-stroke smoke blowing out. It just seems to have less oil or sute or something in it. I'm taking it to the track over the Holiday, so I'll be able to give you a real comparison on how it performs.
I still can't get over the smell..... man it stinks! :barf:
The maxima I usually run smells sweeeeeet. :nod:
well you can easily get rid of tat stench by going to your closest sunoco and getting there race fuel :nod: :tup:

any race gas works of corse but thats the easiest and cheapest to get
Run Amsoil dominator at 50:1 and no you don't need to rejet. It not only smokes less but it actually makes more power too.
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