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Tool Kit and Manual

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I recently picked up a 03 warrior. The tool kit and the manual were missing. Where should I go to get these items??? Can anybody inventory the stock tool bag?? That way, I can get a full tool bag off of ebay. Does anybody have one for sale??

Nathan :)
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dont worry about the tool bag, just trough a spark plug wrench under ur seat, and maby a 10 and 12 socket. spare spark plug and ur set

As for the manual, look on e-bay or order one from ur dealership
yeah the tool kit isnt nothing...right now i dont even have mine under the seat ....i havent ever had to acualy take it out and fix something ...ill just ride back to the shop and fix it...any ways just print this off...its ALOT more detailed then what you would get in a regular manual..(its the service manual) anyways its like 320 pages so ...just put it in a binder ..its nice to have specialy if your planing on taking something apart... :nod:
Yea tool kits are nothing special, but if you decide you want 1 ill sell you mine :tup:
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