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Notice all the different looking shocks and especially aftermarket rear links lately?

I know that leverage ratios on the front shocks/a-rms have been discussed around the net, but with so many people selling $200+ rear linkage set ups I have to wonder which are better, why, and whats the real difference.

Was looking thru one of the atv mags the other night and noticed how different the stock, elka, and houser links were on the same model.

Not only were the lengths between the mounting holes different looking but on some the shock angle seemed to change also. Have to wonder how these are working for anyone who has one, and also if any of our more experienced members may know more about this whole issue.

I know I went for one on mine, and though it took a little trial and error plus a couple new springs on the shock it does work excelent, but my model had a problem with the rear kicking, and not all the newer ones do so what are you guys finding etc.

And one last thought, $200-350 for a stupid piece of aluminum or steel is a total rip off and the companies selling them should ashamed if not publicly canned.
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