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Sizes of hoses

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Does anybody know where I can get sizes of the hoses on a banshee... like the fuel line, radiator lines, etc... i wanna get some clear ones put on there. Thanks :tup: If all else fails, im walkin in ace hardware with my carb and radiator lol
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i want to say that the upper hose is like 1in. i.d. and the lower hose is like 1 1/4in i.d. i would bring them with you to make sure though that would be your safest bet..
no its like 7/8ths ID, pain in the ass to find hoses to match it.
Good luck.
i BELIEVE that on the clutch cover the hose is 7/8'' while all the others are 3/4.....the problem there is you need to have a hose with one end 7/8 and the other 3/4
i did that with the hoses is u trying to find the clear one dont waste your time unless u are going to buy elbow and othe bent fitting for the raditor lines i got the lines and the hose was not flexable enough to clear the frame. jus buy the kit it saves the trip
just buy the kit it is about 100 bucks and you can get dye if you wont :)
100 bucks for 2 hoses? No thanks i think i'll keep it stock
:scared: holy smokes. man im in the wrong buisness. anyone looking for some hoses? there on sale only $90 shipped.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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