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shocks for 250ex PLEASE help me out

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i know this is the wrong forum to be asking this in but does anyone know where i can get aftermarket shocks for a 2003 250ex
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any where basically, rockymountain has works, local dealerships, do a google search or something
dude! buy that! i just looked on ebay for you and saw that. if i saw that when i had my 250ex i would have bought it. its only going for 50 something, but you have to buy 400ex or 450r shocks and tie rods, which wont be hard. thats your best bet. he says for 25 bucks he will give you tie rods.
heres some 450r shocks, kinda pricey, but less than aftermarkets for the 250ex, the whole set up will probally run you 300 in total, cant beat that for the width and improvment your getting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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