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Rear brake went out

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Has anyone had their rear brake go out on them? If so what was the problem? There is no leaking fluid.
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resivor got agitated, andair gets in the line.
i just lost a rear rotor and caliper,,, got it smokin' hot and warped the rotor, seized the piston in the caliper
It went out twice on me, but then got the recall they added a dampner in the rear master cylinder and haven't had the problem anymore.
Thanks for the info everyone. Once again bluetraxx here to save the day.
Yea raptorjack, they have a recall on the rear brakes. Call a yamaha dealer and tell them that you got a recall notice and need to bring the bike in for the recall. They don't ask for the letter, just bring it in and let them know that the rear brakes are out, they will bleed and adjust them, and do the recall for free.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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