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Raptor vs Z-440

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Alright my friend has a Z-440 with a little bit of head work and he wants to drag race me i have a pipe, cam, jets, high compression piston, and a pro design air filter system. Just tell me now how bad am I gonna get beat
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You should beat him. :shrug:
there was a guy out at the local gravel pits with a z-440 that was all hooked up who was an experienced racer that i beat everytime. we would race up through 4th gear and then have to stop. i consistantly would lead him by about a bike and a half all the way through the race. at the time i had only a full exhaust, k&n, and rejetted. if you can drag race you WILL beat him very easily. Good Luck!
VIVA LA RAPTOR lol I raced a Z-400 and it was a pig. So it seems to me that building it up to a 440 would just even it out at best. Then with all of the work you have done to yours, you will light him up.
I agree with everyone else, with your mods you should beat him assuming all other things are equal.
A tip I learned on my raptor is wind it out as much as possible before shifting. Doing this with a good holeshot....I have beat many a nice quad including a z-440. :razz:
thanks for all the tips now i'm more positive that i will beat him we are gonna race this weekend so i'll let you guys know what happens
Shouldn't be any excuse for you losing.
yeah, I already had a post like this. The z400 still won't race me though, thats really to :lol:
I used to race my friend on his 440 and it has ALOT of engine work on it. when i was stock could not even come close but just with the pipe/jets/filter i can beat him by quite a bit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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