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Raptor 660R starter relay buzzing even after replacing almost everything.

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Hello, I have been trying to assess this problem I have on a recently acquired 2002 Raptor 660R. I cannot get the starter to turn over by pressing the starter button on the handle bars, the starter relay makes a very faint buzzing and sometimes a light click.

I have replaced : Wiring harness, headlight switch (with starter button), Starter relay, Starter, One way clutch (engine spins freely), battery from a friends running '03 660R, and a couple other maintenance items.

I've tried reading all the forums regarding buzzing / clicking relay and it either leads to them saying it's a bad relay or battery, which I have replaced both. I have also checked and cleaned the two grounds (one on left side of motor, one by headlights) and still got nothing, I have the dash off so I'm not sure which lights are turning on when I press the starter button. Also I have made sure all connections are tight.

With key on I have 1 solid light (neutral?) and then when I press the starter button a second comes on (I think coolant test light), but when I am holding down the starter button both lights start to dim heavily.

Also, when I bridge the positive terminals on the starter relay with a screwdriver the start spins strong, which I saw people saying was a symptom of a bad relay, although this one I have is a 1PZ straight out of the box.
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Turns out it was my main switch that the key goes into, it was only giving the relay 2-3V but when I bypass with a little piece of wire it gets 12.6V. With the wire in, it started right up and started idling without adjustment! This thing has been sitting outside for at least a year and it runs not bad! Thanks for the help.
Interesting find, thanks for sharing
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