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new to this but had a question about my banshee ill give some info and ill say thank you for the help!!

2003 banshee
just built bottom and top end vitos crank (stock)
64mm wiesco piston
chariot cool head
dune aftermarket clutch plates
stock carbs jetted 340 with 30 pilot stage 2 dyno stage kit I believe mid clip
open air box uni filter
elevation is about 1029
Vforce4 reeds
broken in, I ran on it pretty good for about 2 hours after it sat cooled down started to run it again and it bogs down right when the powerband hits in all gears, before the sparkplugs were that good brown color, now it a tad bit white on the right side. any idea what the next step would be? idles great and kick over first try still just bogs on powerband. thanks again
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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