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Pics of my YFZ

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My swing arm axle etc..

Thses pics make my bike look dirty and dull but i just washed it. lol Iam getting ready for T-day at Pismo. Later
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:scared: :scared: :scared: man thats nice
Looks good Jake. :tup:
Looks like your ready,nice machine.
sweeeet :tup:
Thats awesome!! :scared: :scared: :drool:
yea real nice :tup:
Thanks for all the good replys. :) any of you guys going to Pismo for t-day? Also iam having a real hard time finding methonal. My normal place ran out and all i have is 5 gallons. any of you guys have access to 55 gallon drums? Thanks again
Looks amazing man! I love that Swing-Arm :scared:
nice looking man :tup: i bet a set of bars would spice it up even more
Dirty ? Wtf its clean as hell lol. Nice bike , bet it rips ! :tup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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