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Pics of bike after I flipped it

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These pics are aftermath of when I flipped my quad in Rosarito Memorial weekend:

This was us after the crash, I had a passenger, we were both ok

This was me tryimg to fix I don't know what:
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Damn that sucks, glad your both ok.... your lucky you flipped it in sand and not hard dirt or somethin :tup:
Looks like its time for an aftermarket axle :tup:
Your lucky you were fine, but the sand is kind of forgiving.
JiM417 said:
Damn that sucks, glad your both ok.... your lucky you flipped it in sand and not hard dirt or somethin :tup:
Yea, you are pretty lucky..... And sand isn't as forgiving as most people think, I went to Glamis and saw a bad accident and they didn't turn out as well as you guys :)
ouch looks like that hurt guess itts gonna be a rebuild have fun!
at least u 2 r ok. must have been going at a pritty good clip to bend that much
It wasn't too bad, the funny thing was that I wasn't even messin around. It was in Rosarito, I was going down the beach, 2nd gear half throttle when a wave came at us and pushed us into a piece of a metal fram to a car (what do you expect it's Mexico) and that's where the bend in the rim came from, then it threw us off the bike. I flipped in the air about 2 times and landed on my back facing the ocean, then I heard the girl moan a little, and looked, she was about 3 feet to my left at about that time I saw the bike doin 3 flips b4 it landed on it's side. We were both ok, just minor aches and pain. I already fixed the bike, the last couple shots were from this past weekend.
sand is pretty soft... i was ion a big pit and i got airborne up a huge wall then the bike fell down on me.. i was hammering in 4th gear too.. it felt pretty good to tell the truth
good thing u both r safe :tup:
glad to see your ok but sand isnt as forgiving as you think when you going fast but luckuly weren't
Dont feel bad, I trashed my 450r when it was pretty new... its all back together now and better then ever though.. :cool:

Good luck getting it back together... :tup:
yea i wiped on the beach to at a race and it didn't hurt at all, but glad to see u guys are okay and the banshee is goin again
Oh yeah, were ok, I should have some more action pics this afternoon.
ouuuch, but glad you guys are ok...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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