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oil leaking!!!

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sup guay!! i got oil leaking where is my shifter seal?? did some one here has ever change his shiffter seal because oil was comming out !!! and it isn't the sporket seal because i all ready changed it there 2 week ago!! anyway pls help me !!because i"m lost!! :oops: also did you guay has ever had i strange noise comming from the swing arm!!it soune like a big CRACK!!i don"t no if it's because i change my swing arm bearing or if it beacuse of my rear shock !!if you can help well it will be appreciate :tup: see ya!
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The oil leak is the countershaft seal. It is a pretty common problem, and you can get the new seal from the dealership for like 7 dollars. It is a 30 minute fix. Take the sprocket off, and the seal is right there. Might need a sharp tool or pocket knife to dig it out. It is usually from chains being too loose or too tight. I fixed mine relatively easily.

The cracking sound could just be the bushings at the top and bottom of the shock. They usually creak when they dry out. Spray some chain lube into the bushings at the top and bottom of all 3 shocks, or take the shock out, and put some lithium grease directly on the bushings. If this doesn't fix it, then I don't know what if could be.
tnx for the advice man!! but like a said it"s isn't the sporket seal that leak!!!because i change it there 2 week ago!!it comming more from the shiffter i think soo but it very difficult to say:(
i found it!!it was my gazket of the starter case!!! bout for the craking noise i really don't know!!i think it something about my swing arm bearing :lmao:
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