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Hello, hopefully someone can help me out with this ATV.

This and foremost I am working on a 1999 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4 (Standard) (YFM400FWB-L)……. My friend dropped it off asking for me to look at it. Now the issue was that some of the wires were melted in the ATV and from what I can recall it was mostly ground wires. I looked like they tried to install aftermarket lights and did something wrong. I had repaired the wires that were damaged and removed the lights for now.

I then tried to start the ATV and noticed there was no spark. I noticed a few of the stator wires that were going into the rectifier were bare. I fixed this issue.

My friend bought a new stator with pickup coil and a new ignition coil, along with a new rectifier. I had installed these items and still no spark.

I checked the switch on the handlebars for the on/off and it works properly, I had checked the main fuse in the bike and that works, I had also checked the diode in the bike and that works properly. I then checked the stator and the pick up coil and they are all within spec from Yamaha. I then checked the original ones and they too were within specs. The only thing I could think is CDI box. My friend then decided to buy a CDI box for the bike. I had installed this item and still no spark.

I then removed the complete wiring harness from the bike and double checked the whole thing for any breaks. I did not find any issues with the harness and did continuity test and everything was good.
Now there are some other issues but I figured I would rule them out. After I have been working on this bike the owner told me he needs a rear end for it (Free spinning), he had broke something. I then said to him that I had noticed something was up because I could not get it in neutral. When I push the gear shifter lever down it does not click in gear but the neutral light will light up for the moment. Usually you would rock the ATV and it will click into gear but I cannot do this as there is an issue with the rear end, Because of this I had just grounded the neutral switch causing the neutral light to come on it the cluster.
With the key switch on and the on/off switch (ON) I push the start button and the engine whines over (remove spark plug from motor and grounded it to observe for spark) there is no spark but as I’m holding the start button in if I flick the on/off switch to off the spark plug would spark once. I know the on off switch does work thou.

I am so lost for ideas and hope someone can help….. I removed the new stator and pickup coil and installed the original. The values are within spec:
Actual Values (Originals) RM Stators (New) Yamaha Specs
Stator 1.3 ohms 1.1 ohms .70 - .86 ohms
Pickup coil 500 ohms 478 ohms 459 – 561 ohms
Source Coil 293.6 ohms 300 ohms 270 – 330 ohms
Primary Coil 1.1 ohms .7 ohms .18 - .28 ohms
Secondary Coil 8.10 ohms 6.1 ohms 6.32 – 9.48 ohms

As you can see I checked all the resistance checks on these parts, I also tried DC voltage out of the Pickup and Source coil but got nothing. Then I did a AC voltage check and I did get a reading. On the Pickup coil I got a peak around 247.2 ac, and on the Source coil I got 87.2 ac

I have also checked the spark plug cap and it is adding 10 ohms to the resistance values to the secondary coil reading. The only thing that gets me closes to a spark in playing with the on/off switch but as I said it checks out fine.

Does anyone have an idea? I apologize if this post is in the wrong area, I'm new here
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