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got a few pair of these rezzy piggy back shocks. measurements and colors are below. got only a few pairs of these.. you will need a 3/8ths washer for each so it dont slide works on banshees, blasters, warriors. yfz 450's ltr 450,s raptors. these will lower your atv by an inch or so, depending on what atv you have.. work great on my banshee. comes with tool as well

210.00 shipped

350mm (14in) total length
320mm(13 1/8") Length of eye to eye.
Eye Diameter (Bushing): 10mm or 12mm
Eye thickness : 21.00mm
Spring thickness: About 7mm
Spring Width: 50mm (2")
The eye of shock has tensile strength more than 2,000 Kgf
Spring Weight: 220kg
Pressure can be adjusted by springs or air (nitrogen)
Red/Yellow/Blue /black/White are available.


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What brand are these? I have been seeing these all over ebay. I dont want to waste my hard earned $ on some "chinese" knockoff of ohlins shocks.
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