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Good morning, everyone! I'm new to the forum, and looking to learn all I can about my recently-acquired 1999 Warrior 350. I purchased it cheap, and it's kind of a mess.

I am new to the powersports world, and I'm kind of addicted! I moved to the country almost 2 years ago, and purchased my first quad shortly thereafter...a 2005 Honda TRX400EX. It ran great until my son blew up the engine, so I completely rebuilt it, and had so much fun doing it, I searched for another tired, old quad, and ended up with the Warrior. I've had it about a month, and I've stripped it to the frame, and completely disassembled everything...engine, etc. It's turning into a complete restore job. The frame is going out for sandblasting and powdercoating this week ,and the crankcase halves are at the machine shop getting cleaned up. Will soon reinstall bearings and begin the engine rebuild.

One thing that surprises me about the Warrior is how hard it is to find parts. The TRX400EX was easy to find OEM and aftermarket parts for pretty cheap. This Warrior, though...not so much. That's where I'll need some help. I need a headlight frame, and all new shocks...can't find any aftermarket shocks (both front and rear) for a reasonable price.

Anyway, I'll head over to the Warrior forum and post my q's, but thought I'd say hello.

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