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Hi i have recently gotten an 07 yfz450. It would not run due to the valves being to tight exhaust were fine but intake was so tight i couldn't get a reading went with the lowest shims possible. Got it running ran like a beast but left the key on overnight and the battery died. Upon restarting the starter went from trying to start it on a weak battery. Charged up the battery, put in new starter and messed with the throttle cable(it had alot of play in the thumb)Thought i was golden..
Now its revving really high on startup and sometimes wont start so easy and will pop and backfire either while trying to start or revving . So i recheck the valves and now they are all to big intake and exhaust. i can fit .25mm in the intake and .35mm in exhaust.. I only drove it once for like 2mins after shimming the first time where it only needed intake shims other than that it sat from the other issues i had till today... why would i need to reshim this quickly?
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