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ok well i was wondering if it is even worth getting a GYTR header, cause i heard that they are no biger than a stock pipe? is this true. cause i can get one for like $50. so i was just wondering
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anyone :roll: i need to know now cause the action is ending. thanks
the seperate tubes are longer before they go into 1.
if nothing else it looks much better than stock..
for fifty dollars u might as well try it. im sure it will help some otherwise yamaha wouldnt make it, probably. and i do think that they look nicer too. it's only $50. what the heck.
GYTR header for $50?
id jump all over that
well worth $50.
ill buy one for 50. u should hook me up :tup: :lol:
The stock headpipe looks like crap....I would go for it :tup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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