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I got a sweet quad finally, my 1st real quad i guess you could say. Its a 1987 Kawasaki Mojave 250cc, and it runs like a dream, for a almost 25 year old quad i would say its haulin' pretty sweet. It used to be my cousin's, he set it up for racing, and so i just got into the quad racing world and i dont know much about whats on it. But im pretty sure i've gotten it to about 55-60mph before it maxed out.
Can some one tell me how to get the link for the pictures i have of it? i have the pictures on my computer and they are a little to big to attach, how would i cut down the size of them if i want to attach them?

Oh yeah, forgot to add these, some quick vids i did of my mojave. They aren't that great but still, tons of fun.

yeah, nothing special, but it sure is a fun little quad
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