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On Vh1 There is a funny show were they tape people while they drive and see how they react to the songs.
I am not sure when its on but i know it started tonight at 11 and is going to 12. Vh1 is Channel 67 Over Here
Pretty Funny Show.

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notice there all chevy trailblazers that there in ... how do the pople not be curious abut a black thinkg on there dash? i dunno but some people are crazy lol. :tup:
i hate that show... its just stupid :tdown:
ZBlaster said:
i hate that show... its just stupid :tdown:
:nod: I 100% agree. Why are they all in the same cars? I don't get it.

-Kahuna :TB:
Fake. :tdown:

They're really getting desperate for new shows. :no:
I know its fake and set up but i think its funny exspecially when all the black girls have giant gaps in there front teeth and swear they can sing just like the stars
havent seen it yet, most people act totally different in front of camera, lot of em are dumb
I think its pretty funny, even if it is fake. The guy that runs the show emailed me once and asked if I knew anyone that would want to be on the show because they were coming to Jersey. Too bad I'm the only one I know that does that :lol:
yea jess they did a episode in new brunswick
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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