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I'm so impressed with this I had to write a quick post. It's made of high density polyurethane. Fits tight with nothing more than a mallet hitting it softly. Conforms to the case exactly like a case saver should. There are no post or reviews on this item, that I can find, anywhere.

If you have had a chain come loose, and break your case, you know how vital this is.

I only had to trim the stock chain guard a little. It will bolt right back on. The case saver even comes with 2 longer bolts to fit the factory chain guard back on. You just eyeball the guard back on, trim the plastic, and it fits.

I'm running a 14t front sprocket(stock is 13). It has around .005 clearance at the closest point. A 15t sprocket would not fit without some shaving of the saver. Stock 13t and a 14t will fit, for sure.

Not a sponsor or getting anything for this. I seen no write ups on this. Some form of this should come factory on all chain driven atvs, dirtbikes.

It's about $45 from most places, and eBay.

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