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lock nut

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are u suposed to tighten the lock nut up to the brake hub or are u suposed to leave some slack in the axle and tighten the lock nuts to eachother
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tighten it up as tight as you can
then lock the other nut as tight
as you can locktight helps
Here's the steps to tighten the nuts from the service manual.

Nuts (rear axle) 1, 2
Nuts tightening steps:
Before tightening the nuts, apply the LOCTITE
® to the thread portion of the rear axle.
Finger tighten the inside nut 1 while checking
the ring gear engagement.
Tighten the inside nut with rear axle nut
wrench to specification while holding the rear

Hold the inside nut 1 and tighten the outside
nut 2 with rear axle nut wrench to specification.

Draw the line a on inside and outside nut.
Hold the outside nut 2 and tighten back the
inside nut 1 with rear axle nut wrench to
Measure the distance b between lines. If
distance b is less than 15 mm (0.59 in),
retighten back the inside nut.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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