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Kick Start Conversion Kits In stock!

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We are a new sponsor here and wanted to share with you YFZ450 owners that we offer complete kickstart kits for the 2004-2008 YFZ450's. Many already know previously, Yamaha released a GYTR Kickstart kit that was very inexpensive and sold for a fraction of what they sell for now. Once Yamaha released the YFZ450R model, GYTR discontinued the kick start kit. So we then gathered all the OEM part numbers and established a kit to offer to the YFZ450 guys that want a kicker. PM us for pricing, Best pricing on NEW OEM kit guaranteed. I would also like you invite you all to check our our new forum section to see what we are all about.
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Hey there,
I'm new here and not sure how to pm. I'm interested in a kicker for an 07 Yfz. Can you please give me a quote for a kit and postage to Karratha, Western Australia.
Thank you
Well, I didn't realize that I can't PM you until I throw out some posts.. Shipped to 18840?
can you PM me price shipped to 54495? or you can email or call me
I would be interested in a kit. PM pricing please.
I need a kick start kit for 04 yfz 450 sent to 84074
Please PM me with the kit shipped to 92683. Thanks!
Cant send pms yet but im interested in your kit can i get a price and details ? phone is 765-730-3740 email- zane_fisher012 at
All right guys,sorry it took so long to respond, but we have got the kits worked out, best bet is to call us here at the shop,

Also there have been some people that are useing different kicker's, the ones that we have seen that work best has been off the 98 YZ-250,the kit WILL NOT COME with a kicker,other customers have found other ones that fit but I have not heard back from them yet, so.....unless you wanna try and find a kicker I can sell you one off the 98-YZ-250.
i cant pm yet, i am interested in a kit how much are they
how much are u getting for complete internalls new? any yz450 lever will work if u cut fenders 95-98 yz250 lever just clears if u bend the mount back 89-94 and 99-01 yz 250 works but have to cut.
Best way to get a full quote is to call us direct-419-891-1230 Paulie
So I had the kick start on my old motor I kept the gear that connects to the kick start lever an my kick start lever but forgot to take off the gear that connects it the the crank is there any way to get that gear an the hard wear to mount it ?
1 - 20 of 29 Posts