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I got my first quad today (woo!), a 1990 Yamaha Warrior 350 (for free! woo!) And among the problems it has is a bent steering stem/shaft. I'm going to replace it with one that's a bit more... straight, and I was wondering what model year steering stems/shafts are compatible with a 1990. After browsing around, it seems that all 1989-2004 Warriors steering stems/shafts are the same. Is this true? For example, if I bought a used steering stem from a... 1999 Warrior 350, would it work with my 1990 Warrior 350?

P.S. Glad to join the community too, really excited to have my first quad and be able to fix it up and start riding! If anyone is wondering why I got it for free, it was because I got it from my neighbor instead of some random person, because it doesn't run too good right now (no one has used it in many years), and that the frame is slightly twisted from hitting a tree back in the day. And obviously the steering stem is kinda bent.

Thanks for your help!
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