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Hotcams - product review and a quick question

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My friend just bought the stage 1 hotcam for his warrior. The cam helped out a lot with power. Down low, the powere is about the same, but once you get it in the mid-top end, the bike screams. Going from first to second gear, the front wheels come off the ground about 3 inches, without even trying. Its very fun power. I would higly reccomend this cam. He has an HMF pipe and k&n filter too. Visit my website for pictures and a how-to section on installing the cam.

There is only 1 issue, that I dont personally think is a problem, but my friend is concerned with the ticking noise. We installed the cam, adjusted the valve, drained the oil before even starting the bike(hotcams says to) and he broke it in properly. It didnt tick at first, but at the end of the break-in period, it was ticking. So were like, ok, well just adjust the valves again. We changed the oil after 30 mins(hotcams directions again) and adjusted them right on the money. They are perfectly in spec. They still tick somewhat. Its definatly the valves, I cranked down the idle screw, so that I could clearly hear them ticking, not anything else. He does not like this. He is concerned, I told him not to worry about it, I said, its because the lift, and the more aggressive pattern of the cam, the valve will spring back harder, causing a tick. He would just like to hear some of your opionons.
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thanx for the info i am thinking about the cam kit from alba, let yall know if i get it
yes get it honed out before you put in your new piston....dont go with the alba can just purchase everything seperatly and save a bunch of money.
dirtyqwad said:
Hey Big Red, when you upgrade to your high-compression piston, will you need to hone the cylinder? If so, do you just find a local machine shop to do it, or what? Sorry if this is a beaten to death topic, but I'm still unclear on it.
There are two different operations that resurface the cylinder walls. Honing, and Boring. The purpose of honing is to create an abrasive surface that will help the rings "wear" to the cylinder(a.k.a break in). Boring, is oversizing the cylinder to allow for an over sized piston.

You can measure your cylider to see if boring is necessary, if boring is not necessary, you can simply install another piston the same size as the one you removed. But you should hone your cylinder every time you change your rings, just a light crosshatch in the cylinder is all you need to create to ensure proper ring sealing. You can go to the auto parts store and pick up a hone fairly cheap, and do this yourself. Put the hone on your drill and give a buddy the oil can, keep it oiled well and mayke a few passes at a time..
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the .450 cam is more for top end so you'll need at least a higher comp piston to get back your bottom end plus ti valve springs plus new rockers.....the .430 cam all your need is ti valve springs.....if your just putting in a new cam they are fairly easy to put dont need to take the top end off....also if you are going to go with these mods get some stiffer clutch springs to help tranfer the power to the wheels....with my mods it does pull very hard but now i want more power so next winter im going with a je piston 11:1 and a .450 web cam
Quick question I ordered a stroker crankshaft and a wiseco 83mm 12:1 cr piston what cam would you recommend for it based on those parts 350 Warrior
Go with the hotcams stage one, that way you keep the torque
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