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Hotcams - product review and a quick question

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My friend just bought the stage 1 hotcam for his warrior. The cam helped out a lot with power. Down low, the powere is about the same, but once you get it in the mid-top end, the bike screams. Going from first to second gear, the front wheels come off the ground about 3 inches, without even trying. Its very fun power. I would higly reccomend this cam. He has an HMF pipe and k&n filter too. Visit my website for pictures and a how-to section on installing the cam.

There is only 1 issue, that I dont personally think is a problem, but my friend is concerned with the ticking noise. We installed the cam, adjusted the valve, drained the oil before even starting the bike(hotcams says to) and he broke it in properly. It didnt tick at first, but at the end of the break-in period, it was ticking. So were like, ok, well just adjust the valves again. We changed the oil after 30 mins(hotcams directions again) and adjusted them right on the money. They are perfectly in spec. They still tick somewhat. Its definatly the valves, I cranked down the idle screw, so that I could clearly hear them ticking, not anything else. He does not like this. He is concerned, I told him not to worry about it, I said, its because the lift, and the more aggressive pattern of the cam, the valve will spring back harder, causing a tick. He would just like to hear some of your opionons.
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Well if its supposed to do that it shouldnt be such a big deal but maybe the Ti-Valve springs might help? actually that'll probably make it spring back even harder so i guess it cant be helped PM Mickey maybe hes got a suggestion
I have a 430 webcam in mine & it did the same thing when i installed it. Talked to mickey dunlap he said to tighten down 1 more thousands of an inch on both exhaust, & intake. Worked good for me, so you might want to try it. :tup:
sounds good, i am getting the came for shour now, my friend has a 400ex, and i rode it, then he rebuilt it but with all stock stuff for some odd reason but he put a hot cam in and the topend is way better, i hope it works as well for the warrior! and by the sounds of thing it will, it picks up some times all the way between gears for me so this could be kinda crazzy (i am a big rider little more piviting wate
Hey guys I have a wolverine and was wondering will a warrior hot cam work in my wolvy? Also I want to put in a high compression piston. I was told that they have the same topend. My wolvy is stock with a HMF pipe and k/n filter and rejetted.
Yeah, it should work. The top ends are the same as far as I know.
as far as i no every thing is the same.
i heard the top end and the gearing are different but i dont know for sure...
I just got a hotcam in mine also, about 4 days ago actually. I did notice a bit more valvetrain noise, but this thing does scream on top end now. Your in 6th gear and reaching for more before you know it. I put a piston in at the same time though so i cant say how much just the hotcam helps. Its awesome my stock tires are still on it now cause im breaking it in on all my older junky stuff, but when you start shifting pretty fast my backend gets all squirrly kinda like if you whip the backend back and forth. Im still breaking it in too so when i really open it up it should be amazing. I do have a quick question, how long should i break it in ( i was thinking one full tank) With a cam and piston?
Also the hotcam for a warrior should bolt right in a wolverine they have the same part number on the hotcams site.
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I have 2 questions one for u dsw warrior 350, where did u find a.390 hotcam? and also i was wondering how long should u break it in as well, i am replaing the rings, and all the gaskets, all the eveery things, and also a cam and pistin.

I heared like 1/4 throtel for like a week, sounds like dsw warrior350 u oppened it a little soon.

Any one no how long?
i got mine off of ebay for 129.99, and the paper that came with the cam said not to let the rpms under 3000 for 30 mins then the cam is broke in, but im also breaking in the piston, i wasnt excessivly revving it nothing past 3/4 throttle, and im on flat ground so its not lugging.

The only hotcam i have ever seen for the warrior is stage one, they say the lift is 10mm, but i heard it was the same as .390 lift.
Lol you coulda saved a few bucks an got it from lol not like its really alot of money but u gotta be careful about what u get on e-bay cause sometimes its more expensive than just shopping around stuffs startin to get cheap!!
i have to pay $230 for mine, way up hear in canada. all the hot cames i have seen r .290, and the web cames r like .360 and racing is like .420 or somthing close to thouse numbers.
They are nice, I have one in mine and love it, I tightened my valves a little past spec and quieted it down some.
does anyone have a 450 lift cam from alba? How do they run? and how hard are they to put in? Thanx
slow_warrior said:
does anyone have a 450 lift cam from alba? How do they run? and how hard are they to put in? Thanx
What, never put a cam in before girl?
he warrior i was wondering out of the five vehicles you have, how many of them are at least 90% usable right now???
the .450 cam is more for top end so you'll need at least a higher comp piston to get back your bottom end plus ti valve springs plus new rockers.....the .430 cam all your need is ti valve springs.....if your just putting in a new cam they are fairly easy to put dont need to take the top end off....also if you are going to go with these mods get some stiffer clutch springs to help tranfer the power to the wheels....with my mods it does pull very hard but now i want more power so next winter im going with a je piston 11:1 and a .450 web cam
Hey Big Red, when you upgrade to your high-compression piston, will you need to hone the cylinder? If so, do you just find a local machine shop to do it, or what? Sorry if this is a beaten to death topic, but I'm still unclear on it.
no u dont need to, but u probly should, best idea is get a oversie pistin and get it bored for a exact size.

yes any machine shop can do it
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