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:roll: hey guys is'm new to this site so. but anyway i need help on to bleed the rear brake system on a 2000 banshee?? cause i took off the old ones and put the brakes that were on the front now on the rear cause i'm not using my front brakes and i took off the brake line and pushed the piston back not thinking cause those pads arent that thick and now when i put it all back on it doesnt compress the piston, and now i have to bleed the whole system and not sure how??
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Welcome to BT.
I recently put on new lines on the front of my Banshee. I inserted a clear tube (3/8 maybe) that fit tight to my bleeder, take the cap off the resevior keep an eye on it and keep fluid in it, I used a quick grip tool (acts like a 3rd hand until you release it) after pumping the lever 10-20 times hold it (thats where the q/grip came in handy) and open the bleeder the clear tubing that is attached -make a loop and insert the other end into a container of fresh fluid (this will prevent sucking up air when the bleeder is open) when the bleeder is open you will see fluid and some bubbles. close the bleeder and do it again. pump/ hold lever, open/ close bleeder until all bubbles are completely gone.
this is a pain in the ass but I had to do it like that because I didn't have a brake bleeder pump. auto zone has 'em for under $30 . I think you just hook it up to the bleeder (open) and turn it on watching the fluid in the res. this pulls the fluid until all the air is gone. I will def have one for my next bleeding job.
Hope this helps and makes some sense(i'm tired), also keep in mind I installed new lines so I had alot of air to get out.
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