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Has anyone ever read...

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Has anyone ever read the book A Separate Peace? I'm in the middle of doing a book report on it and I'm basically done except I don't know how to explain the theme. I think it has something to do with Gene's identity compared to how he tries to act like Phineas but I have no idea how to explain that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Yea i read it for summer reading. It;s pretty much one of them ( i forget which)..doesnt wanna exept theres a war going on so he totally ignores the fact. Thats all i remember but maybe itll help u out a bit
I don't think thats really the theme because that only effects one or two chapters. I read a few different themes online but none of them really seem to relate to the story. Ugh I hate book reports :(
Go to spark notes.. read them
Yeah I did that and I don't know how to word it. Thanks anyway though.
If your school is as strict about plagerism as mine, then I def. do not suggest sparknotes at all :tdown: Sparknotes first off is very popular and all the teachers know about is so they go on and check to make sure your not coping anything. No matter how you re-word, the information is the same so they get an idea. If your going to use a website with anytype of summary notes on it, use a non-popular one. There's a good one I know ( and non of my teacher no about it and so far I've never been caught using it :tup:

Good luck with the report jess :tup:
I read it a few years ago, refresh my memory on the story and I might be able to help...
I think I basically found it. I put...

The theme of this novel is everyone must learn to mature into his or her own person. Throughout the novel, we learn that Gene wants to become Finny and achieve his success. He becomes very jealous and envious of Finny’s personality and effect he has on people. He goes through different stages by dressing like Finny and mentally being in a constant competition with Finny. By the end of the story, we see Gene grow up into his own person, and realize that he can be like Finny without being Finny.

I have no idea if its right, but it sounds kind of right. My teacher probably couldn't tell if you plagerise (sp) or not. I never have but I usually look up things I'm confused on and get ideas from different sites. Right now I'm confused on the external conflict. I was going to put between Gene and Finny, but thats more so Gene's inner conflict. I was also going to write about the fight between Leper and Gene at Leper's house...I don't know if thats a good one or not.

Thanks guys.
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yea i read that book last year
i just got done reading that is seriously the most boring book ive ever read....
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