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Grilled cheese anyone?

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HAHAHA thats great dude! 99 mil?!

...But i gotta say :bs:
wow eithier that is really wierd or that guy is on something :lol:
blasterboy88 said:
and thats why i dont do crack
damnit i just noticed i got out bid :(
is that for real?? i hope not!!! that is alot of freakin money!
raptor_boy580 said:
is that for real?? i hope not!!! that is alot of freakin money!
Its up to $99,999,999.00 so i think im gonna start bidding now :lol:
Why would jesus help you out in the casino! because you have his mom on cheese toast?
its a joke ,look at bidders all bid the same day
I think its a pretty good deal :shrug:
I read that it was pulled by E-Bay (guess it's back)...."E-bay yanked the item off its site Sunday night after it drew bids as high as 22-thousand dollars. E-bay says it pulled the listing because it doesn't allow listings intended as jokes.

The owner insists the sandwich is legit. And now the sandwich is back up for auction."
damn i wish i could take a bite of that scrumshus 11 year old sum'bitch
I bet the toaster that toasted that bread will be "the next item up for bids"
Signed : Bob Barker
I saw some info about it on the FOX news "ticker" today.Guess some are really taking it seriously. :lol:
lol look at the bite mark he must have jacked up teeth
Its probably drugs...the grilled cheese is probably just a front. :roll:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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