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good song?

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well, my girlfriend wants me to pick a song for us and i cant really think of any good ones. any ideas?
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Ludicris - You's a Ho :lmao:
Black Sabbath, NIB
Quadracer89 said:
Ludicris - You's a Ho :lmao:
:lmao: :lmao:
Saliva- Fu(k All Ya'll :tup:
stacy's mom :lol:
Lit- You make me complete, lol
or if shes into country,
Big & Rich- Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
warrior-man said:
Big & Rich- Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Dang, that's what I was about to put down.
Fat Bottomed Girls
Nine inch Nails -Closer :tup: That will get her thinking. :hey:
Until the day i die - story of the year
Always and forever - simple plan
id do anything - simple plan

songs along those lines work well :tup:
guano apes - open your eyes
banshee213 said:
Nine inch Nails -Closer :tup: That will get her thinking. :hey:
lol, that cd rocks (downward spiral)
Linkin Park = One Step Closer. :tup:
Well, I don't really know what would be a good song for you and your girlfriend but I can tell you which song never to dedicate to her. That song would be "You aint nothing but a hound dog" by Elvis Presley. I don't think she would like that one very much!!!
threewheelin-feelin said:
.....feel like making love
:lol: that song rocks :lol:
Kenny Chesney- I Go Back
Boys 2 Men- One Sweet Day
Over and Over- Nelly Feat. Tim McGraw (This song is fuggin good!) :tup:
Kenny Chesney- When the Sun Goes Down
Any Usher Song- Me and my g/f's is You Got it Bad
Chingy- One Call Away
Cassidy- Hotel
Cassidy- Get No Better
Kenny Chesney-There Goes My Life

Dl some and see which you like best :tup:
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NO,NO,NO,NO,NO and fuck NO!

I highly recommend downloading "Ressurection" by HIM. :tup: HIM does nothing but write love songs. Its rock music, but with love song lyrics.
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