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Gas mileage

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I want to race a desert race and I was wondering how many miles will a tank do racing a stock YFZ450 engine, with just a slip on. The gas is 95 oct.
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They say it is suppose to get 60 miles out of one tank, but to be on the safe side since your going to be racing it would probably get like 50 miles in racing conditions.
You could look into an IMS tank which adds a gallon of gas. Or GYT-R also has a tank available and I think it is made by Acerbis or Clarke and it would also add like a gallon of gas.
I use the IMS 3.8 gallon tank and actually got 4 gallons into it.
KEN1 said:
I use the IMS 3.8 gallon tank and actually got 4 gallons into it.
Does the IMS bolt right on? do you need to buy any extra parts so it fits right with the stcok Plastic? I know with the Yamaha oversize tank I think extra parts are needed. But not so sure of the IMS
IMS bolts right on, you have to remove the stock fuel tank cover but you should kind of expect that. You have to swap out the pet cock out of your stock tank into the IMS but thats about it for parts you need.


50 miles depends on your location and jetting right cause I`m from Brazil
DW said a yfz will get about 30 miles on a full tank!
yes if you do desert you wanna get a bigger tank, gytr is 4.2 gallons with shrouds there 230. there pretty cool, but defintally get a bigger tank if your runing long distances like that never know, look at the last 12 hour race, bigger tank could be winning and loosing a race
Does the blue IMS match well with the stock blue plastic on the YFZ?
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