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Hey Guys, I'm new to this forum. Not sure where to post this, so I will ask here...

So back in 2001, I traded in my Honda CRB 600 F4 Motor Cycle for a brand new Yamaha Raptor 660 (White and Black Scheme).

We took it out maybe a half dozen times in the first 3 months of owning it, and well, that was it - I had a family, and life just got in the way. Over the years, we have taken it to the dealer to have it serviced, and prepped to store for duration. The unit has less than 20 hours of ever being ran! The dealer did replace some things under re-call (I think the clutch?). But other than that, its in mint condition. It has been lovingly stored in our barn and covered from sun light and moisture.

I thought one day I would ride it again, but probably never will. I'd like to sell it to someone that would appreciate it. Step back in time and have a fresh canvas to mod, tweak or customize a raptor that you just can't get any more. I did some checking, and I know there are endless 3rd party upgrades and parts for it, and it is desirable by many that see it in person.

I live in Ohio near Akron. If you'd like to see it and make an offer on it, let me know. I'm asking $3500 firm for it. It will also come with an extra set of rear rims with mounted sand paddle tires. Skid plates front and rear, K&N Air filter, a White Brothers Pipe, and an original 1 owner clean title. Again, this Raptor is mint. It is only ever been worked on by the dealer. It has less than 20 hours ever ridden on it. I took it to the dealer and had them check everything - its ready to sell and starts easy like new.
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