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Fat bars "What works"

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Does anyone have the Trail Teck fat bar riser? Which bars work without stretching the brakeline out when you turn? I want them as high as I can without damaging the line. By the way, the riser looks SWEEEET :hey:
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I'm pretty sure your average oversized bars will work with the adapter and the stock lines, but if you want them taller than that, you'll most likely need aftermarket lines, which is a good thing anyway. :)
i know the pro taper 'pastrana high bend' fit with the stock lines and im pretty shure the tag Ts bars will aswell. but as screamin96 said if you want them taller you will probably need longer break lines.
i have the trail tech raser kit with pro taper cr hi bend and i dident need to change the lines i just get away with it and no more
Trail Tech Medium bend with the stock stuff works fine :nod:
these sure work sweet..............

I have the Trailtech clamp on mine with CR high bend bars, no problems with the brake line. And if you're that concerned, get some SS brake lines if you have the money.
I have a +1 houser stem and CR high bend and the stock lines fit with a little adjustment.
So Cal 450 said:
Trail Tech Medium bend with the stock stuff works fine :nod:
What he said!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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