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Damaged Warrior, HELP diagnosis on motor

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Bought a warrior, not sure what year, saw it running before i got it. The person who put a new crank/piston in it did not put the two short bolts for the head in it, only the 4 long ones. Also, she said the cam chain tensioner had to be real tight for it not to jump. Duh right. Would this damage the bottom end ? It idles but backfires after it warms up, also wont go past idle. It has a rythmic surge of maybe 100 rpms and if i feather the throttle can get about 400 more rpms but thats it. What would be the diagnosis? Ive tried everything except taking piston out.
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Sounds like more than one problem.. The 2 small bolts are for the timing chain area to seal oil from leaking.

Your best bet it going to be go through the carb, check the cam timing, and test the stator.
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