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First time poster, long time lurker, hopefully someone can give me some advice.

I have a 2000 warrior that has been sitting forever, and I recently decided to bring it back to life.

Started with a carb rebuild. It was so completely gunked up the old gas had solidified into a sand.

Tear down went more or less smoothly until I got to the dreaded pilot jet. Let it soak in PB blaster for an hour, took a crack at it and stripped the head off.

Then tried tapping a small flathead into the brass to create a new head to spin it out. Didn’t work.

Finally busted out the drill and an easy out, and the head of the easy out snapped off in the jet.

Tried to drill out the easy out and accidentally drilled out the top of the barrel that the jet sits in.

By this I mean the top of the opening you reach your screwdriver through, I did not drill through the jet into the carb.

My question (finally) is, will this carb still function okay?

There’s still a lot of work left in cleaning it out and rebuilding it (still don’t even have the pilot jet out yet) so I don’t want to spend a few hours on it, hang it in the bike, then have to order a new one anyway.

That being said, I also don’t want to blow 150-200 on a used one if I don’t have to or risk going the Amazon/Chinese carb route.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated as I’d really like to get this old warrior back on the trails.

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As long as the key screws in I think you will be good
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