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We just moved into our new home and one of the things you read about is the importance of rekeying your locks. Seems legit.
I currently have two exterior doors. One is the front door and the other is the back door. Both have deadbolts and a handle with a twisty lock in it.
I’m thinking about upgrading the front door to a smart lock. These are typically deadbolts. I would then just change the bottom to a lever.
My main question is whether or not I need to change the key that comes with the new smart lock? I’m assuming these are generic keys that are used over and over?
Specifically, I’m looking at a Kwikset smart lock and lever set being sold at Costco. I see it offers an easy rekey method which seems convenient if I have to go down that route. Where does one buy a unique key for rekeying purposes?
Lastly, what options would I have for my back door if I go with a smart lock for the front? Smart lock out back seems overkill. Would I just need to change the locks and have those re-keyed to the front door?

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They keys that come with are very generic and hundreds of different cuts. You can buy a smart knob and key to the same as your deadbolt
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