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axle ????????

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i have a dura blue axle but i need the nut for it cause i had to cut mine off to be able to change the wheel barings but any ways can i use the stock nut setup on the dura blue axle????? i need to find out fast so i can go oout rideing this weekend!
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come on people some one has to know !!!!
Did you try the stock nuton the durablue? Or are you asking so you can order the axle then put it on?

i dont have a stock nut but the shops are more likely to have he stock and i was wondering if it would work befor i went out and spent the money to buy the stock to find out it doesnt work !!!!!!
email durablue ask them how much and if they sell just the axle nut.
If i recall correctly my durablue axle has a clip that goes on the axle after it is slid through the rear carrier and the nut is added. Then the nut sort of has a sleeve that slids over the ring as it is tightened to the ring doesnt fall off and its is a better way to keep the nut tight. Does this really answer your question, sorry no, I think that the durablue nut is worth it to buy another though, look in dennis kirt or rocky mountain, i think they sell them in there, less than $30 if i recall.
I think that the DuraBlue axle WILL use the stock nuts. I know that the LoneStar will. If the axle required their nut, I would think that they'd sell it as a kit. But the axle is available by itself.
i belive you could use the stock one ...let use know how it goes
If it threads on, then there is no reason that you couldnt use it.

just to let you guys know it doesnt work cause the dural blue needs a nut that i total diffrent from the stock set up!!!
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