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Anyone heard of a roost boost?

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There is the url for the roost boost on ebay. It says its for a warrior and im pretty interested in it. Anyone know if they work. And does anyone know if it will work on my year warrior, im pretty sure the ignition systems from 88 and 89 are the same as the newer warriors am i right? :tup: :tdown: ?
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Im pretty sure roost boost's are just for 2 strokes, im not sure if there's some for 4 strokes.
BAHAHA Roost Boosts were from the early 90's. People had those in their quads and they though it was the greatest mod, it didnt do anything. Its like a boost bottle on a banshee or blaster today. Dont waste your money.
:)) Haha That made me crack a smile. Cool to see somethin retro like that.
I think i am going to buy it anyway. it will look cool on there haha. Plus it kinda neat and retro like i might buy it dont know yet really it dpeneds on how high the biddinng goes up
Ebay Auction said:
It fits 1987 and 1988 Yamaha Warriors.
Do you have a 87- or 88 or just your 01
i have just my 01 But i dont think the warrior itself besides plastics and such hasnt changed very much internally and electrically. Someone might say otherwise but i am almost positive they are unchanged. The older ones did have the pull start i wonder if that would do anything diffrent :tup:
I had one on my 89 Warrior...doesnt do a damn thing. Dont waste your money.
yup they made those for a blaster as well..They were made buy answer I believe.

edit-lol..yup there made by answer, I didn't look at the link yet when I posted this haha..
87-88 89 90-95 96-99 2000-2001 2002-2005 are all different I beleive. I know a CDI box from a 95 down to 87 and 2000 and up years wouldnt fit my '97. The Warrior's have changed quite a bit. Just nothing to drastic.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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