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Aftermarket warrior shifter linkage???

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Do you know who makes an aftermarket warrior shifter linkage to replace the sloppy stock one??? i remember seeing it last year, but need one now. thanks
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Buy a shifter for a 1989 YZ250. Problem Solved...
Buy a shifter for a 1989 YZ250. Problem Solved...
oki thanks cause i cant find alot of different picture on google on what changes on them shifter from year to year...
are 125 yz shifter the same? cause i can get a 125 yf 1986-95 shifter for 5€
or a 125-250 KX 94-08 + 500 KX 94-03 shifter
or a 25-250 KX 87-93 + 60 KX 85-02 + 80-85 KX 90-18 + 100 KX 95-09 + 200-250 KDX 95-06 + 500 KX 87-93 shifter
for 5€ a piece but i have no clue what the difference is.

I bought this one. Bolted right up.

I bought this one. Bolted right up.
ah thx for the reply i was looking at that one on amazon france (or aliexpress seems to have the same)
got a picture of it? how it sits?
Thanks, yeah warrior food pegs are more to the front. Am just gonna try it its amazon if i don't like it i send i back... Cause am afraid it will make the shifter far away (i do have 44 size feet but still) had a quad befor that i had to shift with my big toe cause shifter was mega long and far. Looks good doh. I will try and update when i get it and mount it how it compairs to warrior
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My foot pegs look more back. But i will order and see how it fits, hate the sloppy shifter system on the raptor stock useless
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