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Aftermarket warrior shifter linkage???

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Do you know who makes an aftermarket warrior shifter linkage to replace the sloppy stock one??? i remember seeing it last year, but need one now. thanks
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I remember seeing one too, but unfortunately I can't remember the brand.

It's too bad that a direct shift isn't made for one.
I remeber a thread about this before. I think Slithers or somebody said that a shifter from a YZ250 would work for a direct. But the question has always been...with a direct link, will you be able to move the end of it enough with your foot to rotate the shift shaft far enough around to shift it? I thought that was part of the reason for the increase the rotational distance.

I'm just getting started on my new race-quad, and if I can eliminate the stock shifter instead of dealing with sectioning it after I move the pegs, I'd much prefer it.
i need a linkage as well, was taking my motor out yesterday and the linkage just fell off as soon as i tuched it........suprised it hasent fall off on me in the trials, lucky i gess
I do not want to go straight from the crankcase for the exact reason you stated. However, I remember seeing an aftermarket kit to replace your stock linkage, but i can not find it for nothing.
YZ250 mid 90's is supposed to work with a very slight amount of bending.....
OK, but the question is still...will you be able to move the direct shifter enough to sufficiently rotate the shift shaft to shift? I thought that was the reason for the provide the extra turning distance.
yes a YZ250 will work..I have it on my bike now, but have to bend it a little. A 125 will also work as well as a 400ex (I think).

And the movement of the lever is not anymore than it was with the linkage. It is just as easy to shift, just without all those mis-shifts caused by the sloppy linkage.
Hey sharpj, will any year yz250 work or what?
The place that sells the Aluminum Warrior linkage is Vince's Cycle's.... here is a link and pic.
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i just tried the yz125 1990-95 yesterday and it hits the crankcase cover. Do i have to bend it or should i try the yz250?
they send it needed some probly it needs to be bent
O2warrior said:
i just tried the yz125 1990-95 yesterday and it hits the crankcase cover. Do i have to bend it or should i try the yz250?
You just need to bend it a little bit. It is not a PERFECT fit, but will do until I find one that is better.

Thanks for the replies guys. I found the Vince's kit yesterday and forgot to post it. I emailed him asking for picture showing installation and to describe the fix to me to insure it will correct my problem.

I feel that this will replace the stock linkage and should improve it, but the bushing inside of the gear shift lever mounted on your footpegs has a substantial amount of slop in it also. I am checking some engineering catalogs now to find the right bearing to replace and solve this also.

I bleieve the combination of the two will result in good shifts and we do not have to worry about possible breaking the output shaft from the motor.
I am making some for warriors. Direct mount set-up. I am not going to go into to much detail because of the rules but PM me and I let you know the price etc.

-Kahuna :TB:
i know this is an old thresd but i put a early model KX85 on there and bent it and it is the same length and eveything as the stock.. it doesnt move as mush as the linkage shifter but it feels better.. more tight.
Can you post pictures of the YZ250 or yz125 or 400ex shifter installed please???
Warrior-P said:
Can you post pictures of the YZ250 or yz125 or 400ex shifter installed please???
I will post one tonight when I camera gets hoem.

Yes please post pics. I ma interested in this mod. Now do all shifters fit on the Warrior.. I mean by it fittin around the shaft that actually shifts the tranny. Or all of them basically universal? Just they require bending to be able to move the shifter far enough to shift?
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