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Recently picked up a '99 Warrior that I would consider...unloved. It's got full street tires and skid plates which makes it's value already exceeded compared to the cost I paid for it.

Among other things I may post about later, I purchased a new wiring harness for it since they're so cheap and someone before me hacked all the wiring to bits, so I'm going through connecting things and I'm left with some extra wires not plugged into anything and I have almost no idea what they go to. There are a few wires on the new harness that I have zero reference to as to what they should plug into, but that's for a different post I think. I think I have a completely different stator than what is called for. I only have 1 bundle of wires coming out of the case that looks like this:

Finger Electrical wiring Gas Electric blue Wire

I inserted it as a thumbnail, hopefully you can click on it to make it larger. If you notice the bundle of wires I'm holding I only have 2 connectors and 2 extra wires coming out of the stator wiring harness. Now, when I go look up a new one, I'm seeing 3 connectors and also an extra wire connected to some little box seen in this link. I suspect the single red and blue wires should terminate in a connector which attaches to the starter relay's connector? Looking up a new starter relay it shows one with a connector which the currently installed one does not have. I'm not sure if I'm right so please let me know.

My question should be obvious at this point but what is that extra box thing, is it important, and should the correct stator look like the one I chose? The link isn't necessarily what I'm going to buy but if that's what it SHOULD look like, than I might know why I get no spark. That's it, the rest below is extra info that may also be related or of relevance.

  • Jumping the starter relay does turn motor over.
  • already purchased new 1)wiring harness [cut all up/avoiding shorts later] 2) ignition coil [boot was missing, they were using a speaker wire wrapped around the spark plug end...yeah] 3) start/headlight/kill switch [missing start button] 4) ignition key switch [also missing]

I get no power to neutral light or start button which has led me to this point. I'm still trying to connect everything back up how it should be before I start checking for connectivity and such. I got the new things to eliminate the 'easy' things to fix, which if missing kinda need to be there. There's still a bunch of other things like wavy sprockets and missing brakes but my goal is to just try to start it first before dumping any more money into it than I need to. If the motor is shot, doesn't sound like it is spinning it over, than I may as well sell it or part it out.
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