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I have seen this page come up several times while trying to diagnose a no-spark concern on a customer's 87 warriors 350. I was hoping you had some time to give me some ideas on what to test or do next. Below I will give a run-down of my diagnostics and replacements. The original customer concern was a no start/no crank through the electronic starting system, and a bog a WOT.

First, the customer brought the ATV in with a bunch of aftermarket wiring and added that he tapped into the harness in some interesting ways. So I replaced the harness along with the ignition switch, starter relay, starter motor, and stator. Everything above was replaced due to cuts/missing wires/connectors, or damaged or frayed wires.

After replacing everything I had no spark. At the moment I have grounded the red/black wire, and the black wire from the CDI and grounded them. (I found this in this forum) With that, I only get a spark when using the pull starter. I do not get a spark when cranking the engine with the starter button. However, I do get a little spark when releasing the start button.

Is this a sign of a bad killswitch/starter button, or is the problem elsewhere? Or do you think I should try to isolate this concern? I do not want to replace the CDI unless I can absolutely determine it is the root cause of the concern.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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