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I have a 2008 yfz450. For a long time its been running great, idle perfect too, but in the last trip it started bogging a little so I decided to cleaned the carb, replace the pilot jet with a new same size of pilot (#48). Also replace the mid body gaskets. And install a new air/fuel mix screw. 2 1/2 turns out. Now after doing all this the bike starts just fine but then idles low and turns off. I can started again right away but idles low and dies. I made sure that the intake is sealing just fine with the carb.
Like a mentioned, I kept the same size of the jets since the bike has been running perfect for many years. The only think I change it was the air/fuel mix screw. I removed the stock air mix and installed a long one with numbers on it.
Replaced the Pilot with same size.
Any help will be appreciated 🙏
Is it a air mix screw not set correctly?
I didn't move the idle screw while cleaning the carb, so, don't know why would my idle be very low that the bike turns off after a few seconds

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