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Hey guys, iv been wondering around this website for awhile and never needed to make an account but now iv got an issue and could use some help. Here it is....

2002 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Auto 4x4

took it out on the trail couple days ago (90 degree heat out) and about 30mins in started to overheat. I stopped and coolant was all over the front end and i couldent tell where it came from. Let it cool down a bit opened the radiator cap (which is not eazy bc if you dont have a tool box on hand) and poured water in while it was running to suck it down which it did...and nothing came out...I continued to ride the rest of the day with the idiot light comming on every 15mins or so...i would stop and let it cool down or ride through it home and the coolant was boiling inside....So...right now i have it all apart took the thermostat out and going to test it tonight to see if it opens...anyone have any ideas why i lost coolant and now im not?

Thanks guy!
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